L4Ka Project

Downloading the Afterburner

We provide the Afterburner source code only via Github (the code is still under heavy development, and really only suitable for other developers). Our public read-only Github repository is available via HTTP at https://github.com/l4ka/ as module afterburner. The entire Afterburner module is named afterburner.

Name Description Contact Last Modified Download
afterburner Afterburner info@l4ka.org ... zip


For an introduction into Github, check out the official website.


Cloning the Github repository

The following line will clone (check out) the Afterburner sources:

git clone https://github.com/l4ka/afterburner

Future updates from within the afterburner module can be done via git pull.


Build status

We perform unattended weekly builds of Afterburner. Check the result of the last run.

System: SUSE 10.1
Build date: Thu, Mar04'10, 08:59
changeset: 761:c6d7968da566
standard w/ tools  
System: Debian/testing
Build date: Sat, Jun12'10, 07:38
changeset: 773:14d8e7f616f9
standard w/ tools PASS / PASS
standard w/o tools 4.4.4-4) User compile failed FAIL / FAIL
vmext 4.4.4-4) User compile failed FAIL / FAIL

Snapshot archives

Download snapshot archives of the source code from our Github repository by clicking on the archive links above.

Browsing the Github repository

Browse the Github repository via the GIT Web interface.