L4Ka Project



BurnNT is a virtual machine environment, under development, that runs as a normal Windows NT application. It hosts pre-virtualized guest kernels, and thus permits the use of your standard open source operating system kernels.


The current version, as of 24 December, is capable of booting a pre-virtualized Linux kernel binary through the kernel bootup, and stops when the kernel tries to create the first user application.


Supported Systems

BurnNT supports single processor Windows XP and similar versions of Windows. Do not use on a hyperthreaded machine if the other hyperthreads are enabled.


Guest operating system: Linux 2.6.


BurnNT is incomplete, and is not ready for daily use. It is targeted towards people interested in evaluating pre-virtualization on Windows NT.


BurnNT is released under the two-clause BSD license.


BurnNT is available as a Mercurial source repository, which you can browse online.