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IDL4 Release Notes

This page shows an excerpt from the release notes.


Changes in 1.0.0

  • Fixed: Use proper bindings when in C mode


Changes in 0.9.8

  • Added reply stubs
  • Added pre-call and post-call debug options
  • Added support for implicit handles
  • Fixed: Interface types did not work for aggregate members
  • Fixed: Overlapping buffers in V4 memory messages
  • Fixed: Empty sequences generate false positives in test suite
  • Fixed: Preallocated output buffers do not work with V4 backend
  • Fixed: Build problems with some platforms in the test suite


Changes in 0.9.7

  • Added support for V4 memory messages
  • Added idl4-config script
  • Added version check for header files
  • Added support for sigma0 RPC protocol
  • More test cases for V4 string transfer
  • C++ type import can now handle forward declarations
  • Adapted test suite to new Pistachio user build process
  • Fixed: Problems with Generic V4 backend
  • Fixed: V4 backend does not deliver exception code
  • Fixed: Broken code for large fixed chunks in V4


Changes in 0.9.6

  • New -floop-only flag to generate server loops only
  • Improved support for V4 string items
  • Fixed: Build process does not install headers correctly
  • Fixed: Test suite uses != for comparing threadIDs


Changes in 0.9.5

  • Added support for object types
  • Added reference types and pointers
  • Extended test suite with better support for other platforms
  • New -w flag for setting the word size (replaces -dplatform)
  • Fixed: Missing cast in conditional expressions
  • Fixed: Bug in server loops with kernel messages and one user message


Changes in 0.9.4

  • Truly generic backends for X0 and V2
  • Improved example architecture
  • Fixed: GCC complains about uninitialized variables
  • Fixed: Client allocates strings even when exception is received


Changes in 0.9.3

  • New option for changing backend language (C, C++)
  • Fixed some problems with standard C output
  • Support oneway attribute for V4 backend
  • Added support for V4 interrupt messages
  • Fixed: Methods with out fpages cannot raise exceptions


Changes in 0.9.2

  • Added V4 pagefault as kernel message
  • Added support for input/output translations
  • New option for changing system include directory
  • Use generic types in server loops
  • Better support for preprocessor magic
  • Moved custom includes from template to header files
  • Fixed: Import of zero-length arrays in headers
  • Fixed: Function pointers in structs cause import to fail