L4Ka Project


Being able to make all objects, threads, and tasks persistent (i.e., surviving shutdowns and system crashes) poses a compelling solution for people who run, e.g., long-term scientific programs or calculations. In addition, fully orthogonal persistence also opens up a yet mostly unexplored programming model where the programmer need not explicitly store any objects to stable storage. This might largely simplify program contrsuction. When dealing with persistence in L4Ka, our main concern is to design the system so that no (or very few) modifications need to make its way into the microkernel. A set of user-level servers utilizing the well-known kernel mechanisms should prove sufficient.

First results have been published in:

Transparent Orthogonal Checkpointing Through User-Level Pagers
Espen Skoglund, Christian Ceelen, and Jochen Liedtke
Proceedings of the 9th International Workshop on Persistent Object Systems (POS9), Lillehammer, Norway, September 2000