L4Ka Project


SDIOS06 is a toy operating system developed during the System Design and Implementation course 2006 at the University of Karlsruhe. It was designed and written by Timo Bingmann, Matthias Braun, Torsten Geiger and Andreas Maehler. The operating system contains following components:

  • Initial root task
  • Pager (combined memory and task server) creating virtual address spaces
  • Root name server for servers to register their facilities.
  • MINIX file system server which extends the name space to files
  • (Virtual) console server reading keyboard input and writing to the screen buffer
  • Limited shell with the two utility programs ls and cat.

We employ the VMWare virtual video card to enable graphics output. The frame buffer is linked up to a ported SDL implementation, making it possible to port two games onto our operating system. All of the components work together nicely; it is even possible to run the games SuperTux and SDLJump on SDIOS06!


SDIOS06 Source Code Package
T. Bingmann, M. Braun, T. Geiger, A. Maehler
SDIOS06 VMware image, directly runnable with VMware player
T. Bingmann, M. Braun, T. Geiger, A. Maehler